Thanjavur district is famous as ‘Koil Paathi, Kulam Paathi' and this axiomatic saying applied into Mannargudi. Situated southeast of Thanjavur it has bus transport facilities connecting Thanjavur and Kumbhakonam. Mannargudi is the repository of all the accumulated trends of copiousness, of fertility of soil, water resources, educational facilities and cultural advancement. Gudi in Telugu means temple. As Raja mannar, viz. Rajagopalan abides in this temple, it is well known as Rajamannargudi. It is indeed unique that in several cases in Tamil Nadu, why, in the entire country, we can come across with the name of the temple forming part of the nomenclature of the town. Sri Rajagopalaswamy is pre-eminent among the Vaishnavite temples of Tanjavur district. Mannargudi ‘the soil super' is also another famous adage. Mannargudi, which is 4.6 sq.miles in area, abides in many temples. There are also temples of people following other religions and faiths. Many Sanskrit and Tamil scholars and expert musicians lived here and still do so.

some of the eminent personages who brought about embellishment to this vibrant town were Srimad Ahobhila Matam Sri Azhagia Sringer, the traditional exponents and Acharyas of Vadakalai and Thenkalai ceremonial observances, Thyagarajamakhi also known as Raju Sastrigal, the great expert is music Mulavur Sabhapati Iyer, Chinna Packiria Pillai, Konnakkol Pichaiya Pillai, Sahityakarta Rajagopala Iyer and Sabhesa Iyer.

Worship Timings Auspicious
7.00 a.m - Visuarupa
8.00 a.m.- Thiruvanandal
9.30 a.m.- Kalaisandhi
11.30 a.m.-Ucchi kalam
5.00 p.m.- Nithyanusandanam
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